Pay it forward: the importance of supporting the entrepreneur community  

Entrepreneurship is super important, for so many reasons. It can spur economic growth and add to a country’s overall national income, thus improving standards of living and creating wealth, not only for the entrepreneurs themselves but also for all related businesses.

Entrepreneurs can help create social change and develop communities through, not just that economic stimulation, but innovation; through the development of new solutions and the dynamic mindset of people who are willing to break down barriers, take risks and push forward into the future.

It’s a community that needs to be nurtured and motivated. Because entrepreneurship isn’t easy.  

As an entrepreneur myself, I know all too well the time, the hard work and the sacrifice that goes into it. Often, people don’t understand and it can be hard to find the support you need; it can be lonely. And what about financing? Good ideas are just that: ideas. They need budget to make them a reality, which many entrepreneurs don’t have easy access to, especially when they’re starting out.  

There are so many factors that can affect an entrepreneurs ultimate success – and it’s often not the idea itself.

That’s why it’s so important for established entrepreneurs and business leaders to support those who are up and coming. Whether it’s through your time with mentorship; your endorsement on social media; your support in a start-up competition; or, with your investment. 

And when you’re considering entrepreneurship and showing your support, don’t forget to look further afield. Entrepreneurs in developing countries face all the same challenges as we do, and a hell of a lot more on top. 

Here at Shipz, we’re supporting entrepreneurs globally through amazing ethical lender Kiva. Kiva is an international nonprofit with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive. Through Kiva's work, all sorts of entrepreneurs have the ability to achieve success, boost their communities and their local economies. Students can pay for tuition, women can start businesses, farmers are able to invest in equipment and families can afford essential emergency care.

We’ve already supported eight borrowers this year: borrowers just like María Isabel. 

María Isabel lives in Bolivia. Like many girls, María had to start work at a very young age in order to help pay for school and contribute to the family. As an adult, she dreamed of running her own business but, as a single Mother in a poor community, that dream seemed almost unreachable. Nevertheless, María worked hard and she had that all-important entrepreneurial spirit. She began selling candy on foot through the local markets and, eventually, earned enough to open a shop. And that’s when she needed a boost – a bit of extra support to help push her through that potential ceiling. Through a Kiva loan from Shipz, and others, María has been able to purchase a greater variety of products, helping to boost the wellbeing of her community and allowing her to generate a greater income. Which, in turn, will lead to even more investment and stimulation of the local economy. 

Shipz is incredibly proud to support passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs, just like María, across the world. And we encourage you to get involved, too!

Plus, don’t forget that we’re also supporting you, as businesses leaders and supply chain professionals, too. When you sign up to the Shipz platform, you’ll see a wealth of benefits for both shippers and forwarders alike. From eliminating repetitive working processes and helping you to get paid faster, to giving you access to real time ocean tracking and helping you assess cargo claims. From facilitating faster costing and secure document storage to aiding ease of collaboration and communication. The all-in-one Shipz hub removes hours of wasted time and frustrating, repetitive processes by streamlining and automating daily tasks so you and your team can focus on the entrepreneurial side of business.

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