Shipz is evolving: discover our brand new white label offering

If you’ve followed me and my journey in supply chain for a while, you’ll know why I co-founded Shipz. I’ve seen so many of the challenges faced by both freight forwarders and shippers: there are some key areas of the shipping process that have been in desperate need of refinement and improvement. I knew we could do better – and I knew that I could help! So when we founded Shipz, it truly was with efficiency, effectiveness and value in mind: it was designed from the ground up to tackle those historic issues that I’d seen first-hand, and help move the industry forward. And it’s working – you have all been loving the platform and it’s been really exciting and motivating for me to read how Shipz has been transforming your day-to-day operations. 

But as we all know, especially in the current climate, you don’t just develop a solution and then sit back and do nothing! As the industry moves forward, and as new challenges arise, the solutions need to evolve too. 

So I’m super excited to share our new and improved Shipz offering with you all! As of today, both freight forwarders and shippers will now have the option of using the Shipz platform in its existing form, or of building your own bespoke white-label service bundle. 


With the new white label option, you’ll gain your own dedicated portal, through which you can take advantage of the full range of Shipz benefits, including eliminating repetitive working processes, getting paid faster, accessing real time ocean tracking and assessing cargo claims. And your customers will also benefit from access to faster costing, secure document storage and an all-in-one communication hub. 

I also know that marketing is often a pain point for you, so we’re adding a marketing element into the mix too. Alongside the technology platform, Shipz will now also offer unique digital content packages in partnership with leading logistics media outlet, Let’s Talk Supply Chain. You’ll be able to build your own media campaigns to leverage the reach and influence of my popular industry podcast and blog series. From podcast episodes and blog posts to webinars and live-streams, you’ll be able to harness the power of digital marketing to expand your reach, access new audiences and customers and strengthen your presence and power in the industry.   


I’ve seen how limited you often are by the current process, and I know that you desperately need affordable, flexible and efficient solutions to help you stay in the game. So the new white label model will continue to help streamline your quoting process with freight providers, by facilitating easier, faster and more collaborative communication. 

And to enhance that efficiency even more, the new offering brings with it a range of add-ons such as container tracking, insurance and access to freight data, allowing you to fill the gaps and build bespoke solutions that perfectly fit your needs. 

And it wouldn’t be a big announcement from me, if I didn’t throw in some collaboration! Shipz already partners with some incredible industry names – and we’re about to add one more to the team! To mark the white label launch, Shipz is also collaborating with Terminal 49. The leading all-in-one shipment and container tracking platform will be integrating its software into the Shipz portal to provide further streamlining and automation.  

And Terminal 49 are just as excited as we are: “Our software is designed to save hours of labor on your container tracking tasks, expedite your containers and eliminate unnecessary demurrage and per diem charges. We’re all about saving time, lowering costs and delivering visibility. Sarah really shares our vision of a stress-free and efficient future for the industry, so we couldn’t be more proud of our partnership with Shipz.”

I cannot wait for you all to start exploring our new offering. There’s so much value to be found and I’m looking forward to seeing which combination of solutions work for you: don’t forget to let me know! 

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