Crack open the Champagne - Shipz has official launched!

You guys know that we’ve been open for business for a while, but we’ve been so busy improving the platform and helping to facilitate lots of amazing collaboration between all the shippers and forwarders out there, that we haven’t had time to shout about it. So now we are!


This month, we officially launched Shipz, our new neutral bid-and-ship freight solution, into the marketplace. Working to simplify the complexity we often struggle with in logistics, the Shipz platform closes the gap between shippers and forwarders, creating an accessible and hassle-free logistics solution for all. 

In the current market, a lot of mid-sized companies want to work with forwarders but are really limited by the process they have to work through. And meanwhile, forwarders are often strained – aaaand a little annoyed – by the amount of “free” work they do, quoting for jobs that aren’t ready to go. Add that to the fact that supply chain is constantly evolving and growing in complexity, matching the two sets of needs has historically been quite a challenge. 

The Shipz platform is breaking down those barriers, using insight-driven change and our passion for better business. Because whilst the industry’s rapid growth and technological advancement is a great thing, I think that it had started to become all too clear that it was leaving some businesses behind. Nobody wants to see the industry become monopolized by big business, whilst small and medium sized enterprises are unable to stay in the game. 

My co-founder and I started Shipz to even out the playing field; to champion small and medium sized businesses and facilitate those much-needed networks and connections. Efficient, effective logistics chains reduce carbon footprints, support small businesses, and democratize trade – if we can all innovate and collaborate together, the industry will be a real force to be reckoned with!

And it turns out our industry press agrees! We’ve had an amazing response to the launch, with coverage so far in The Load Star, Journal of Commerce, Supply Chain Digital and more, all talking about Shipz, and our vision of bringing ease, transparency and collaboration to supply chain.  

Stay tuned for more exciting news, and don’t forget: from quick and accurate quotes, selecting the right partners that fit your business to secure goods storage, shippers and forwarders will see a variety of benefits by connecting with the Shipz platform. Join up now to get access to the only essential platform for the supply chain industry. 


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