A win-win solution for shippers and forwarders

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – collaboration is the future of business. But sometimes the reality of making that happen can be a little more difficult. As an industry, we have businesses with different systems that can’t talk to each other; we have companies who maybe have a traditional outlook and legacy software that’s in need of a bit of a reboot; we have businesses located in every corner of the globe… So establishing, and maintaining, quick and easy partnerships that benefit all parties involved can be a challenge. 

But we’ve got you covered on at least one key relationship – and that’s the one between shipper and forwarder. 

The Shipz platform holds accurate and reliable average freight costs, providing shippers with an idea of costing and leaving forwarders to focus on live jobs, resulting in a harmonious and seamless partnership for your business. 


You know that cost is king and preparing a tight and accurate budget up front can be the key to avoiding disaster later down the line. So often that means you’re looking for transportation costs well before you’re ready to ship. Or perhaps the quotes that you get will help to give you a better picture of whether a particular product is even feasible and within budget. 

Right now, you’re going direct to forwarders for your quotes. Now that would be OK if it was just you – they’d be happy to do you a favor. But imagine the number of companies that are going to forwarders every single day, asking for quotes on jobs that either don’t happen for months, or don’t happen at all. 

Shippers are left feeling like stay at home Mom’s after a long day: exasperated, used and unappreciated!

Shipz are here to give you exclusive access to industry average benchmarking rates, so you can prepare all of your costings without ever having to approach a forwarder. Then when you’re ready to ship, you can reach out to your chosen forwarder and book the job – quick, accurate and hassle-free. 

And since you didn’t give your forwarder a headache, you’re building strong relationships for the future – you never know, it could lead to a discount!


Do you feel like you’re wasting time, and that your bookings list doesn’t reflect the number of quotes you’ve given out? We know how you feel. Sure, shippers need to figure out their budgets and get their proposals ready, but often that means extra work for you with little or no pay-off, leaving you feeling a bit used, and a lot annoyed. 

But at the same time, you can’t bite the hand that feeds you, right? Well now you don’t have to. 

The Shipz platform provides shippers with access to industry average benchmarking rates, so they can prepare their costings, without ever bothering you. 

So that means when they click the “Allow providers to quote” button on the Shipz platform they’re ready to ship 70% of the time – and you’re much more likely to secure the booking, as well as nurture a longer-term partnership. 

It’s a win-win all round!

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