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ShipsShips - All kinds of ships and cruises, cruise lines and cruise ships, including pirate ships, icebreakers and battleships and the world famous Titanic ship. Links to a range of informative sites.

A battleship is defined as a large and heavily armored warship capable of accommodating a large range of weaponry and specialist equipment. These ships have been the main defense for many different countries.

Battleship, Pearl warship in port (Click to enlarge)
Battleship, Pearl warship in port (Click to enlarge)

Ever since many centuries ago, countries have always used heavily equipped ships as a main form of defense against enemy attack. Some of the earliest battleships were made from wood and iron, these ships were equipped with heavy mounted cannons made from cast iron. Cast Iron cannons were capable of tearing through the enemy ship's wooden hull and causing critical damage to the opposing ship.

Battleships of the past were not only used by the countries defensive division, some were often used by pirates as a means of stealing from merchant ships or other pirate ships, these would often be stolen.

Since then battleships have become more sophisticated and even more deadly, modern day warships have the capability to accommodate over 100 weapons from long range cannons to anti air missiles. Some of the heavy weapons platform of a battleship are able to fire a payload several miles. The hull of these ships consists of a dense alloy which is not easily penetrated by enemy attack, several layers of metal prevents the ship from sinking if the hull is breached.

There are many areas around the world which host events to display various types and models of warships, many people attend these events from war veterans to young children, there can be many different ships to see when visiting.

Aircraft CarrierAircraft Carrier - Aircraft carriers are the most efficient method of deploying and supplying aircraft support in remote areas of the world. Powered by nuclear engines these ships are able to sail long distances carrying a whole fleet of aircraft.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Battle ships - The warship page full on information about warships and useful links.

British Navy Ships - Information about the HMS Dreadnought (1906-1922).

Battle ship Cove - The world's largest historic naval ship exhibit, information and links.

Battleship, HMS Dreadnought (Click to enlarge)
HMS Dreadnought (Click to enlarge)

Built in Portsmouth Yard, the HMS Dreadnought was the fastest and best armed ship in the world, completed in 1906. The speed of its construction is remarkable even by today's standard to be completed in one year. The HMS Dreadnought at 21,854 tons full load with ten 12 inch guns and powered by new steam turbine engines had the top speed of 21.6 knots 3 knots faster than any other battleship. The warship's range was 7,870 miles with a crew up to 773.

Site written by Dan Gillick