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Ships, Fleet of vessels (Click to enlarge)
Ships, Fleet of vessels (Click to enlarge)

All kinds of ships and cruises, cruise lines and cruise ships, including pirate ships, icebreakers and battleships and the world famous Titanic ship. Links to a range of informative sites.

Ships, Albatross IV (Click to enlarge)
Albatross IV cargo ship (Click to enlarge)

There are over 1000 different types of vessels which have sailed across the oceans and are still in use today, all of them are different shapes, sizes and have different purposes, some are used for carrying cargo, where as others are used for recreation. Many of the modern day vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art technology which allows them to be practically self sustained in extreme conditions.

Disney wonder cruise ship (Click to enlarge)
Disney wonder cruise ship by Mr Thomas (Click to enlarge)

The most popular recreational type of ship are cruise ships. This type of ship is able to accommodate hundreds of passengers at any time, it is also able to provide leisure facilities such as pools and restaurants.

Ships, Tallship (Click to enlarge)
Tall ship (Click to enlarge)

Tall ships used to be the most commonly used type of ship several hundred years ago, after the development of the engine this type of ship was scrapped or sold. Today, the tall ship mainly serves as an enjoyable recreational vessel for people to enjoy on holiday.

Ships, Destroyer battleship (Click to enlarge)
Destroyer battleship (Click to enlarge)

Battleships are used to defend countries against attack, a naval fleet is one of the most efficient ways to do so. There are many different types of naval ship in use today each having its own specific function.

CruisesCruises - Cruises are becoming more popular due to the vast amount of vacation destinations that are accessible by cruise ship. Some of the most popular destinations are the Caribbean, Europe and the Asian Pacific.

Cruise LinesCruise Lines - Cruise lines offer many different types of cruises and discounts to their customers. Some cruise lines use their cheap cruise prices as a way of interesting their customers where as others rely on reputation.

Cruise ShipsCruise Ships - Cruise ships are passenger ships used for pleasure voyages, the voyage itself and the amenities of the ship are considered part of the experience. This has been the purpose of cruise ships since before the Titanic ship.

Pirate ShipsPirate Ships - Pirate Ships were used to perform an attack on a merchant ship, any goods that were being transported were stolen and stored on the pirate ship while the crew were fighting, quite often the victim ship was also stolen.

IcebreakersIcebreakers - Icebreakers are defined as special purpose ships which are designed to move and navigate through ice covered marine environments. These ships are used to break up ice to prevent flooding of other areas.

BattleshipBattleship - A battleship is defined as a large and heavily armored warship capable of accommodating a large range of weaponry and specialist equipment. These ships have been the main defense for many different countries.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

The ship information archive - Passengers, Shipwrecks and ship descriptions related to all kinds of vessels.

History Central - History of the US Navy and Naval Ships.

It takes thousands of people working together to build a ship, a majority of the time several companies are involved in the creation of a ship. Ships are created in a shipyard, this is a docked area where vessels are built or repaired.

When the vessels are being built, they are assembled rather than made from one piece. Some companies are hired to take care of one aspect of the ship's build where as others are developing another. Eventually the ships are put together similar to a small scale model, after their completion they are moved on to another area for interior and exterior decoration.

Ships, Working shipyard (Click to enlarge)
Ships, Working shipyard (Click to enlarge)

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